Rehovot Israel


Supply high end DB performance with low end hardware costs


provides consulting, administration, integration and maintenance services for database management systems


Bizkit represent ScaleDB products in Israel and supply complementary integration and implementation services for the product

ScaleDB product is a new product for MySQL\MariaDB systems, a database engine handling 

large numbers of users, large volumes of transactions, and big data, with lower TCO.

The product performs scaling out of MySQL into multiple database nodes, handling large volumes of transactions

and data by spreading the processing load over multiple computing nodes.

The ScaleDB integrates with MySQL as a new DB engine that turns it into HA and scalability DB that gives.

better performance when storing BigData.

ScaleDB's product supports cloud friendly ultra fast real time analysis of high volume high velocity data  while keeping ACID complianc.

Scaledb achieves fast performance utilizing cheap disk based storage thus avoiding the prohibitive price  of in memory processing .of exceptionally large data volumes,

1.5 million inserts per second, Ad Hoc queries evaluate 10’s  –  20's of Millions of Rows/Second.

The performance improves with each additional node that is added

The ScaleDB is made to integrate with the Cloud environment.

We recently Integrated it into the Cloudify environment of Gigaspaces.